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Sensation Audio is a disruptive audio technology company, changing the way we experience audio and video content and communications through personalisation. For audio quality, no two people hear or perceive sound the same. Our hearing is as unique to us as our fingerprint. Sensation Audio gives you “perfect audio” on every connected device. Using an advanced patented process, Sensation Audio can personalise audio quality to individual consumers. This "personalised audio” maximises audio quality and instantly transforms the listening experience across all connected devices and consumer touch points. Better engaging audiences and driving profitability for our clients and partners.

At Sensation Audio, we drive real competitive advantage for our clients with groundbreaking platform technology that scales across all device categories, to deliver the highest quality and most engaging consumer experiences, across the digital audio and video spectrum. Our goal is to be an essential ingredient in the digital entertainment, communications, and advertising experience, incorporating our technology into every connected device and platform that delivers high-quality content and communications. 

Connecting the audience to the true experience
— Our mission

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Our Office: Synergy Centre, Institute of Technology Tallaght, Dublin 24.